Tactical ISP

Until now, running an ISP has been a major investment that was only within the reach of the very wealthy, the politically connected or the extremely resourceful.

Enterprise ICT

Unified Communications, Mobility, Security. Our core service offering is the Rapid Deployment of ISP and Telco services in expeditionary environments.

Reliable Service

Since 2004, we’ve been establishing reliable and secure communications for US Military contractors and soldiers serving overseas.

Babtel is a technology company unlike any other. Our special skill is not in deploying or operating technology (although we do those things well) it’s a point-blank refusal to believe that any project is impossible. The most challenging geographic locations, adverse social situations, even full scale conflicts – you’ll find Babtel quietly and efficiently connecting people to the world.

Other companies and consultants talk about it. We do it.

With a track record that is second to none, and cultural and technical competence on four continents, Babel establishes and nurtures local operating businesses backed by Babtel’s deep expertise and business and technical resources. We create value in local communities, supporting entrepreneurs who otherwise would have no way of starting a business, and tapping the tremendous local talent pool that is limited by circumstances.