CAF WiFi Policy

  1. The AFCENT wireless internet program, CAF-WiFi, is the APF funded vehicle by which we provide free wireless connectivity to our Airmen in the AOR. This is a top priority to facilitate Comprehensive Airman Fitness (CAF), as defined in AFI 90-506. WiFi access and the connectivity it provides are necessary to allow Airmen to grow through the four domains of CAF (mental, physical, social, and spiritual) and are vital to CAF’s integrated framework that plays a contributory role in sustaining a fit, resilient and ready force. In accordance with AF Policy, CAF-WiFi creates an environment in with Airmen have the tools required to maintain the necessary balance of cognitive skill, physical endurance, emotional stamina and spiritual well-being needed to execute our mission. Additionally, CAF-WiFi supports vital programs like PME self-study and off-duty education.
  2. AFCENT/A1 is the OPR; AFCENT/A6 is an OCR providing technical support. Each ECS serves as the base-level POC for the program working maintenance and COR/QAE of contracts.
  3. The following requirements standardize our approach and establish a baseline for program execution.
    1. The minimum bandwidth standard is 0.5 megabytes per second (Mbps) per user which supports web surfing, instant messaging and streaming video.
    2. CAF-WiFi is authorized at locations where the Air Force has been appointed as BOS-I. Locations where the Air Force is not BOS-I should rely on their respective BOS-I for support. Requests for exceptions should be very limited and be made by the first GO in the chain of command through the POC listed below to AFCENT/CC for approval.
  4. In most instances, a contract is necessary to obtain wireless internet. Contracts should include any associated maintenance requirements if no residual capability exists.
  5. This memorandum replaces the 25 Nov 16 “Guidance Memorandum — MoraleNet.” If you have any questions, please contact AFCENT/A1S at DSN/comm.