Enterprise Services

Unified Communications, Mobility, Security

Babtel began operations as a voice and network service provider connecting military and contracting companies all throughout Iraq. Our core service offering was international voice connectivity for regional enterprises operating in Iraq. The primary communication needs of such enterprises are user-friendly phone systems, reliability and high-quality voice and data communications between their headquarters and all foreign offices, strategic partners and customers. We excelled at providing the international switching services for the enterprises’ public phones; all the features of in-house phone systems; detailed call record reports; and customization of all features and administrative options according to customer requirements. As our company grew and technology advanced, so have our solutions.

Today everything is about cloud. Generally, people equate cloud with ease of use, scalability, predictable cost, and high availability. Though these are valid points, cloud solutions also have some key disadvantages such as constraints on data portability, confidentiality risks, and lack of feature granularity. Cloud services are all about standardization and templating, but some enterprises need configurability and customizations that don’t fit into the provided box. And all too often, these organizations get locked into multi-year SAAS contracts where they have yearly inflation cost bumps, and it is next to impossible to smoothly extract their data and transition services elsewhere.

We design our solutions to keep the best of both worlds. Our communications systems can be deployed on premise, in the cloud, or hybrid. Administrators have an easy-to-use web portal to configure, troubleshoot, and report on all aspects, and this can be available from anywhere, or just specific locations. On-premises components can be deployed to integrate with existing gateways or analogue lines that can’t go away. Other components or modules are available to integrate with various clouds or apps like Microsoft Teams. Overall, our solution will provide a cloud like communications service (easy, scalable, highly available) but with the on-premises benefits of granular configurability and higher security.