Internet Services

Rapid Deployment, Cloud Core

The idea of disruptive innovation goes beyond the tears of workers who speak to their families for the first time in months at a Babtel phone room or the thanks of Army Chaplains for enabling discouraged troops to see their wives and children on Skype. It goes beyond the Arab Spring and breaking censorship barriers in oppressive regimes.

Until now, running an ISP has been a major investment that was only within the reach of the very wealthy, the politically connected or the extremely resourceful. The subscriber management systems, network support and PCI compliance issues for credit card processing required hundreds of thousands of investment dollars; and the technical know-how to implement these components of an ISP was very scarce, if even available.

Babtel’s new Micro-ISP model eliminates all those up-front cash requirements and technical barriers because we provide those services to our Micro-ISPs for a monthly flat fee that is based on the number of their subscribers.

By licensing the Babtel name, capitalizing on Babtel’s history, using the ‘Babtel Cloud’ for managed network services and participating in the Company’s short-term US Government backed equipment finance programs, almost any technically oriented entrepreneur can become a Babtel Micro-ISP, and leverage Babtel’s robust and resilient network for rapid service deployment.